Receptionist/customer service person

AIC Insurance Services
Job Description
We are looking for a receptionist/customer service person.  The candidate does not need prior insurance experience nor do they need to be licensed.  Ideally we are looking for someone wanting to get back into the workforce and work close to full time now the kids have grown.
This person would be responsible for:
  1. Making a great first impression, both in person and on the phone
  2. Answering phone calls
  3. Assisting clients with questions related to but not limited to…
    1. Billing
    2. Certificates and proofs
    3. Mortgagee updates
    4. Auto changes
    5. Setting up new claims
    6. Following up on existing claims
    7. Daily updates into our system from the insurance companies
  4. Maintain the office’s supplies
  5. Make coffee, load & unload dishwasher and collect garbage
As this person’s abilities improve so can their responsibilities.  It would be more than just a traditional receptionist position.
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